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About Us

Who We Are

The Jump N Bump Rental Company Limited is a full-service events management and marketing company, which specializes in fun festivities. Our team of innovative event management professionals focuses on taking your event from concept to production. We’ve worked seamlessly with stakeholders to create amazing experiences in both large and small locations. When you desire to create a compelling experience the Jump N Bump Rental Company Limited is who you turn to!

We have experience in tailoring events, from birthday parties to sports days to seasonal parties, to themes which everyone loves. Our team of event management specialists can tailor any event to your needs and develop traditional or exclusive proposals for invitations, décor, music, costumes, games/activities, gifts, food, and cakes. For corporate clients, we organize parties for the children of your staff while providing solutions for child supervision so that staff can mingle and enjoy the ambiance so as to create an environment that fosters socially responsible integration.

Why Work With Us

As a company built upon a family ethos rich with experience; we ensure that the considerable amount of time and effort we spend with our clients, will be as fulfilling as possible. We are proud of our values and our culture which are at the heart of our company and set the standard for how we operate.

The Jump N Bump Rental Company is a one-stop shop for events desirous of incorporating the best brands and talents. Boasting over a decade of event management experience we have developed relationships with the best local talents in every category. Thus, you know you’re getting the best of the best when you engage our services.

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